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What is Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms?

What is Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms

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What is Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms?

What is Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms?

Congenital heart disease is a problem related to the heart structure. Mostly, congenital heart disease appears to be as birth disease. Many individuals that have been affected by this disease mostly complaint to have this disease from their birth and the appearance of Congenital heart disease symptoms is another story in infected patients. Congenital heart disease mostly affects the walls of the heart, valves of heart, arteries, and veins closely attached to the heart. The disease results in slow movement or flow of blood through the heart.

Congenital heart disease also appears to change the direction of flow of blood, and this happening may sometimes, manage to transfer the blood to wrong part of the body. Sometimes, blood flow also appears to be blocked entirely in congenital heart disease. The doctors conduct Medical, physical tests and other specific heart-related tests in order to identify the congenital heart disease in the body of the patient. Congenital heart disease is mostly identified during the pre-birth period or after the birth in no time.


Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms

Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms

Congenital heart diseases sometimes appear to show no proper symptoms, but often, the signs appear to be quite blunt and obvious. While there also appears some cases where Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms appear when patient attains a specific age at a certain stage of his life. Same is the case with the treatment issues. There appear few cases that do not need any treatment regarding Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms. But in other cases, there is a need to of treatment like medicines, surgeries or even heart transplants.

The treatment of Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms is mostly dependent on the severity of disease, patient’s health history, and his age as well. Even, there is a chance of reoccurring of Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms years later after the treatment.


Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms in New Born Baby

  • Fast and rapid breathing
  • Signs of continuous fatigue in the body
  • Slow and improper blood circulation
  • The appearance of blue dots or patches on the skin, hands, feet, fingernails, lips and the mucous membranes of the newborn baby. Such Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms are due to the improper supply of oxygen to the red blood cells of a newborn baby, or it is due to having problems in receiving oxygenated blood by the body of a newborn baby.


Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms in Adults

  • Experiencing rapid and improper heart beating rate
  • Symptoms like, Shortness of breath
  • Experiencing blue dots on skin, lips, and fingernails
  • Being easily exhausted on little bit physical activity
  • Swelling of body tissues and other body organs


Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms appear to be, sometimes, very severe that they require the patient to consult the doctor on immediate purpose. Severe Congenital Heart Disease Symptoms may be chest pain or short breath that may seriously risk the life of the patient.


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