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Eye Pain when Blinking Treatment

Eye Pain when Blinking Treatment

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Eye Pain when Blinking Treatment

Pain in any part of the body can be a source of discomfort and unease. However there are some delicate areas in the body that demand special care and attention. One such body part that are extremely sensitive and require to be handle with care are the eyes. Just a mere feeling of a foreign particle in the eye can cause a great lot of irritation and unease. It is often the source of throbbing or aching in the eye. This often leads to swelling and redness but one of the most discomforting problems caused by irritation in the eye is the pain one feels while blinking. Any sort of problem with the eye can cause eye pain when blinking. Since a human blinks several times even within a minute it is a continuous activity which means it is a cause of continuous pain. Blinking cannot be stopped but the pain definitely needs to be stopped.

Causes of eye pain when blinking

The use of contact lenses can be a root cause of eye pain when blinking. Contact lenses often cause infections in the eye if they are not sterilized properly before use. Infection often cause the development of ulcers and tiny blisters which can cause a great deal of pain in the eye while blinking. Another side effect of the use of contact lenses can be scratches on the cornea. Either of these two problems are a source of unbearable pain in the eyes specially when blinking. Another very common cause of eye pain when blinking is the Pink Eye. Pink eye can be caused due to any viral disease which are often contagious or even due to the exposure of the eye to some harmful radiations. Whatever the reason may be, the pain which is cause by pink eye can specially be felt while blinking and it causes a lot of discomfort to the eye. Moreover, another increasingly common source of eye pain when blinking can be Glaucoma. This is occurs due to increased pressure on the eyes and results in various eye problems including a burning and stingy feeling in the eye which can cause severe pain in the eyes while blinking.
We often use toxic fumes or liquid chemicals for various purposes for example in house cleaning products, body sprays and perfumes and even hair and makeup products. This means we are exposed to a high risk of these chemicals entering our eye accidently if such an incident occurs them the pain in the eyes would be quite intense and will definitely be felt while blinking. Various other reasons can also cause be the cause of eye pain when blinking which are not directly linked to the. One such cause can be severe migraines which effect the eye as well. Other than that a hit or blow in region surrounding the eye can also effect the eye along with the other areas.
Some of these causes can be avoided while others can hit an individual out of nowhere. Whatever the reasons may be, proper care and treatment can help in avoiding pain.


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