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How to Make Face Pack for Dry Skin [6 Tips]

How to Make Face Pack for Dry Skin [6 Tips]

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How to Make Face Pack for Dry Skin [6 Tips]

Dry skin is like invitation of different skin problems. Dry skin is because of different reasons. One of them is dehydration. Remember dry skin may give old looking skin. So curing dry skin will give smooth, fresh and shining skin. There are different ways to cure dry skin. Above all is water. Drinking plenty of water will give flexible, hydrated and fresh skin. There are different things applied on the face for dryness. Moisturizer is one of them. Natural ingredients and techniques are best to treat skin dryness. Face pack is one of them, face pack is a combination of two or more products applied on the skin for different skin related issues.There are different face pack for dry skin.

Aloe Vera and Cucumber

Aloe Vera and Cucumber:

Aloe vera gel is known for curing acne, acne scars, and other marks. Alero vera gels have nutritional powers to nourish skin and hydrate it. Similarly, cucumber contains 95% water so it will hydrate skin. Apply equal amount of aloe vera gel and cucumber`s plum on the face.Let it be there for 30 minutes and then wash. Apply this three times in a week to get the fresh and smooth skin.

Gram Flour and Curd:

Gram flour acts as exploitation. Its purpose is to remove dead cell and bring fresh skins. On the other hand, the card is useful in repairing old and damaged cell. Together they both remove the dead cell, dirt, and impurities. Moreover, this combination is helpful in brightening skin. Add two table spoon of gram flour to one tablespoon of curd. Apply this mask on face till it dries. Apply twice a week to get visible results.

Yogurt and Rose Water:

Rosewater is active ingredient which contains properties of anti-inflammatory which helps in removing factors causing inflammation. It is helpful in removing dirt from clogged pores. Whereas yogurt is best for the exfoliating skin as well as for hydrating skin. To get shining results add 2 tablespoons of yogurt in 1 tablespoon of rosewater. Apply this twice a week for 30 minutes to get desired results.

Banana and Olive Oil:

Banana has potassium, vitamins A, and C.All these are active ingredients for helping in growing new skin, repairing damaged skin and providing young looking skin. Olive oil is known for its versatile use. It is equally beneficial for skin moisturizing.It is used as skin moisturizing since long. The both combined to remove dryness of skin. Mix one tablespoon of oil in one mashed banana and apply on skin to provide glowing and fresh skin.

How to Make Face Pack for Dry Skin with Coconut Oil and Honey:

Coconut oil hydrates skin and decreases the causes of water loss. Moreover, it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is natural moisturizing. It has fast penetrating powers. Similarly honey is best for skin lightening. So when these two elements are put together, they will provide fresh, hydrated and bright skin. To get the magic on the skin, Mix one teaspoon of honey in two teaspoon of coconut oil and apply for 15 minutes and then wash it. Apply it daily before going to sleep.

Milk and Almonds

Milk and Almonds:

Milk is full of minerals, vitamin B and E and antioxidants. They are active hydrating, moisturizing and rebuilding dead skin. Moreover, almonds being rich in vitamin E which provides healthy and nourished skin. Together they provide young looking skin. To see the magic, mix 2teaspoon in eight crushed almonds. Apply face pack for dry skin and let it dry, once it dries scrub in a circular motion, after ten-minute wash it.


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