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Lacrimal Caruncle Swollen Treatment

Lacrimal Caruncle Swollen Treatment

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Lacrimal Caruncle Swollen Treatment

To get to the appropriate treatment of anything it is important to realize what causes the problem and what are the damages caused by the disease. In this case, we are studying and trying to find out possible treatments for Lacrimal Caruncle Swollen. What basically happens with obstruction to the lacrimal duct is that the tear duct in our eyes is blocked. The function of the lacrimal caruncle which is placed above each eyeball is to produce tears. We all know that tears flow through eyes but what we don’t know is that when they drain out through the lacrimal ducts. To describe it in simple words it is a small hole towards the inner side of the edge of the eyelids. This is the point that marks their opening. The problem starts when your tear duct is obstructed. In this case, the tears will spring out from the eye lids and then run down through the entire face. The point of concern is the impact it has on the stagnant tears which are still inside your system. They can be infected due to this. This then leads to infections and red eyes.

The Causes Behind Lacrimal Caruncle Swollen

When your lacrimal tear duct is obstructed it can lead to inflammation and then an even infection in the lacrimal sac. This can spread up to the area right beneath your eyes which are next to the nose and then this becomes inflamed and red as well as sensitive if you touch it. Usually, if you are experiencing something like this you might feel the need to itch and you will also feel irritated. You will also experience a burning feeling. There might also be redness and some strange body sensations. This is more common in children than it is in adults. The main cause for this problem in adults is an involution. It can also be caused due to eye lid disorder. Various other causes include bacteria and fungi as well as parasites.

What are some ways to treat it?

Now that we come towards the treatment of the problem let’s see what can be some possibilities. If you are seeking a treatment of lacrimal caruncle swollen in children then you must know that this problem in children withers away on its own. Mostly even before the child in one-year-old. In the case of adults dealing with the same problem, you can solve it by massaging the lacrimal sac regularly. This will help you in opening the blockage. If that is not of any help either then there is an antibiotic topical ointment available in the market. It should be applied where the area of infection is. This therapy should be continued for several weeks but if you do not receive desired results even after that then you should see a physician. He will most probably force an irrigation. This works in most cases but for those of you are beyond this treatment as well then they can go for a surgical probing in order to open your duct. This happens under general anesthesia but is often kept as a last resort.

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