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Mastodynia | Pain in the Breast

Mastodynia | Pain in the Breast

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Mastodynia | Pain in the Breast

Mastodynia | Pain in the Breast

Mastodynia is a term that refers to pain in the breasts. There also appears some alternative names to this disease that are pain breast, mastalgia, and breast tenderness. The term Mastodynia is well explained by having the sensation of any sort, any discomfort or pain in the breasts. It can be any type of pain, sensation, discomfort. The Patient can go through such situations at any time of his life or in any situation of his body.


Mastodynia is thoroughly analyzed that explains the emergence of few reasons that normally cause the patients to suffer such situation. Mostly breast pain is due to change in the hormonal levels of females that make them suffer from such situations. Women also feel some sort of swelling, and tenderness in their breasts due to mastodynia. Many women consider it as an initial stage of encountering breast cancer. But it’s nothing like this. Such tenderness, swelling and pain in breast is a considerable issue that needs to be cured. But its nothing like any sign of cancer developing in the body. It’s due to hormonal imbalance.

Common Causes:

Common causes of mastodynia observed in women include women reaching the age of puberty, they are into the process of reproduction, they are at the stage being after giving birth, they are experiencing their monthly cycles or have encountered pause in their monthly cycles.

Some other causes of mastodynia includes being an alcoholic women whose liver has been damaged, going through premenstrual syndrome situation, experiencing infection in their breast tissues, experiencing infections and medical issues with mammary glands, had any injury surrounding the breasts area, experiencing fibro cysts around the breast area and having any lump over the breasts. All these appear to be causes of mastodynia.

Medical Treatments:

Up to a certain limit of the prevailing situation, it is advised to the patient that must try to bear it or can as well consume painkiller pill to ensure immediate recovery from the pains and prevailing situation of the disease. It is as well advised to keep on observing all the changes one goes through day by day unless she becomes perfectly fine. But if the patient feels more pain in breasts or feels that her condition is being severe and out of control that may even result in bad after effects than, she may surely go to the doctor to get herself examined properly.

Diagnostic tests for Mastodynia that are performed to ensure the health of breasts include biopsy of breasts to check the health of breasts, mammography for ensuring infections in the mammary glands of women, needle treatment that helps to remove cysts and lumps from the breasts through insertion of needle and microscopic tests that need examine the discharge from breasts if any.

Other treatments of mastodynia include prescribing painkillers to relieve pain from the breasts, prescribing and advising proper diet plans to women for following it to ensure change in their situation and prescribing few medicines that can help them to get recovered from their prevailing situations of such disease.

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