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What Causes Neovascular Glaucoma

What Causes Neovascular Glaucoma

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What Causes Neovascular Glaucoma

Health is the primary concern of every human being. We go to extreme lengths and take extreme measures to take care of our health. Some people exercise while some eat healthily and go for regular medical checkups. Some body parts are more sensitive and need more care than the others. Eyes are particularly a sensitive area and need to be carefully dealt with. However, it often happens that the eyes are infected with some diseases. One of this disease is neovascular glaucoma. It is basically the second stage of glaucoma. Under extreme circumstances, it can prove to be blinding. It begins with weakening eyesight and leads to complete blindness if not treated properly.

Research has shown some of the common causes of neovascular glaucoma. These causes are Diabetic retinopathy, central retinal vein occlusion, and retinal vascular occlusive diseases. The first cause which is diabetic retinopathy is a bit controversial while the other two are not.

A lot of work has been conducted on the first cause of neovascular glaucoma which is diabetic retinopathy.

For years researchers have been working on a relationship between neovascular glaucoma and diabetes. It is one of the increasingly basic causes of neovascular glaucoma since people with diabetes have twice as many chances to develop neovascular glaucoma than people who do not suffer from diabetes. Interestingly this relationship also works vice versa because people with neovascular glaucoma are more likely to develop diabetes.

Diabetes is one of the many causes for neovascular glaucoma but is definitely one of the most common ones. Quite often the eye vessels are damaged due to diabetic retinopathy. After this, the retina does manage to create new blood vessels but obviously, these are abnormal and not as good as the original ones.

If the new vessels start growing on the iris which is the colored part of the eye then that is what causes neovascular increases the pressure on the eyes by decreasing the flow of fluids. This disease is exceptionally difficult and tricky to treat.

Aging is another factor that causes neovascular glaucoma. With the passage of time, the body functions tend to slow down and become more immune to such diseases. Another factor is family inheritance. The disease runs in the family and is often passed over to next generation through genes. There is not much that can be done to prevent this type of transmission of disease. While there are many disadvantages and dangers of having a high blood pressure one of them is neovascular glaucoma as well. High blood pressure increases pressure in the blood vessels which move on to develop into the severe condition we call neovascular glaucoma. Another cause which is somehow related to high blood pressure is obesity. Actually, obesity might also be considered as the root cause of blood pressure which then leads on to neovascular glaucoma.

To cut the story short there are many causes of this disease but fortunately, with advancements in medical field, various treatments are now available to treat this disease.


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