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Possible ways to increase absorption of oxycodone

Possible ways to increase absorption of oxycodone

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Possible ways to increase absorption of oxycodone

Possible ways to increase absorption of oxycodone

What is oxycodone?

Oxycodone is a partial chemical synthesis alkaloid found in opium. It is a formidable painkiller and considered 1.5 stronger than morphine. Oxycodone is often available as a separate component or sometimes mixed up with other non-narcotics opiates such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or aspirin.

How does it work?

As for the medication purpose, it is used for the forbearance in patients with acute or chronic pains of the moderate or severe level. It is considered that it ransom hypnotic receptors to the brains which result in the decline of pain. Increasing its dosage has been found effective to increase its tolerance of severe pain. It is available in modified released dosage in the form of tablets which is recommended to be taken every 12 hours. It starts to show its effect in 10-30 minutes with the internal release and in 1 hour when taking in controlled release. Its effectiveness lasts from 3-6 hours in internal release and up to 12 hours in controlled release, results vary among individuals.

How to increase absorption of oxycodone? 

There are possible steps or set of instructions which can follow to increase the effectiveness of oxycodone.

Instruction #1

Before taking prescribed oxycodone consume a meal with mono-saturated fats. Studies have shown a 27% increase in the absorption of oxycodone when taking a meal rich in mono-saturated fats. It is recommended to choose your meal carefully because food items rich in saturated fats often leads to the risk of heart and other diseases. Some food items which are rich in mono-saturated fats are olive oil, canola oil, avocado, peanut oil and butter, sesame oil and nuts.

Instruction #2

As food starts to leave your stomach in 30 mints after your meal have been consumed. It is recommended to take oxycodone within the time frame of 30 mints and no more than that as it will ensure that the fatty food content consumed is still in your stomach. Take your oxycodone medication with a large glass of water to increase its chances of complete absorption.

Instruction #3

One of the most common side effects soon after taking oxycodone is nausea. If you are feeling nauseous after taking oxycodone consult your doctor immediately. Vomiting will decrease the effect of oxycodone and you might have to take any medication to alleviate nausea and vomiting upon doctor’s prescription.

Instruction #4

Some studies have shown the extended effect of oxycodone when taken empty stomach or taking with a grapefruit juice. Medically results have also shown that when oxycodone is combined with Naloxone is also proven beneficial but results vary from individuals to individuals.

Possible side effects

Taking is a medication regularly might result in opioid-induced pain sensitivity and mixing it with formulations or opioids have also resulted in the shortening of lifespan or sudden death. It is recommended to take it upon doctor’s prescription.

Individuals who are taking oxycodone for an extended time period often face issues with the withdrawal symptoms. A withdrawal from oxycodone takes a longer time and decline occurs gradually rather than suddenly. Individuals often face anxiety, muscle pain, weakness, insomnia and flu-like symptoms.


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