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How to Treat Red Spots on Skin with Natural Remedy

How to Treat Red Spots on Skin with Natural Remedy

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How to Treat Red Spots on Skin with Natural Remedy

When red spot occurs on the skin it must not leave unseen, it indicates some problem with the skin. Sometimes red spots are itchy and painful. This medical complaint when an outbreak then the condition is known rashes. If the symptoms are not severe, then the red spots on skin can be treated at home. Some of the natural remedies for curing these irritating spots are as following

Lemon juice

The lemon juice contains the citric acid which acts as astringent when applied to the skin. It balances the pH of the skin and tightens the pores, in this way redness of the skin reduces, and skin is cleaned. It is best in the case when the red spots occur due to the acne or pimples. The method of application is simple. The person has to dip the cotton ball or pad in the lemon juice and directly apply on the affected area. Leave it for few minutes and wash with the water. By applying twice the day for few days will show the positive effect.

Apple cider vinegar

The acid present in the apple cider vinegar is the best source to reduce the soreness and inflammation of the skin due to the irritating spots. It balances the pH of the skin and the antioxidants present in the vinegar act as antiinfective that helps in the healing of the spots. It is also simple to use; the person has to dip the cotton ball in the vinegar and apply on affected area twice a day for several days. After applying, let the vinegar dry and rinse with water.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains many nutrients that help in skin nourishment and keep it moisturized. It cleans the clogged pores thus reducing the redness and helps in decreasing the red spots on the skin. To get rid of these spots, the person has to wash face with soap, dry it and apply two to three drops on the face and left it overnight, in the morning wash the face with water.

Cocoa butter

Antioxidants and the phytochemicals present in the cocoa butter are useful agents to reduce the inflammation and soreness in the red spots. It helps to moisturize the skin and reduces the free radicals. Massage the skin with the organic cocoa butter and leave it for the night. It will show the positive effects within few days.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the plant with a lot of medicinal ingredients that help in the treatment of various skin problems. The aloe vera extract is the best remedy to cure the red spots present on the skin. It contains the antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory agents that help to reduce the redness, pain, and marks.
Natural remedies give the beneficial effects, but they are slow, to get the desired results it is important to apply these remedies on a regular basis along with the treatment try to use high-quality cosmetics and take healthy diet along with plenty of water to get rid of these annoying pimples in short period.


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